Telling Your Story… and God is Light—An Illustrated Children’s Book by Andrea Joy Moede and Kimberly Kau

Telling Your Story… and God is Light—An Illustrated Children’s Book by Andrea Joy Moede and Kimberly Kau

April 17, 2019 Inspiration and Encouragement 0
God is Light releasing Easter 2019

Have you ever thought about creating something to tell your story? Over and over God reminds me of the importance of creation. And I mean to create, one of the gracious attributes of God we are blessed to be like. I believe we are not only capable of creation, but we are meant to create. And when we overcome what stands in the way—we can have the fulfillment that comes with sharing God’s light. I was able to experience this joy by being a part of a beautiful creation over the last few months. God is Light written by Andrea Joy Moede and illustrated by Kimberly Kau is a powerful children’s book which will bring the concept of God’s radiant goodness to kid’s everyday thoughts.

This is the life-giving message we heard Him share and it’s still ringing in our ears. We now repeat His words to you: God is pure light. You will never find even a trace of darkness in Him.

1 John 1:5 The Passion Translation (TPT)
God is Light—Written by Andrea Joy Moede and Illustrated by Kimberly Kau

The Story of God is Light

I’ve gotten into the habit of asking people, “What story do you have in you?” This started when I heard something like 80% of people have the desire to write a book. I’ve had some interesting responses, quite a few have said God told me to write but…, some have said I don’t have anything important to say, another was afraid I might steal his idea (haha! I have too many of my own ideas, buddy), and a few have said I’ve been working towards writing, but I need some help getting to the finish line.

After God told me to write my book (which led to God is Here), I started diving into every topic branching off the subject of writing. Meanwhile, my stunning wife, Trinna, became friends with Andrea Joy Moede at our church. One day Andrea told Trinna that she was thinking of self-publishing her book. When I heard that, I wanted to do everything I could to help her get her book into the world, and I got to be a small part of her publishing her first book, Misunderstood in the late summer of 2017.

Andrea also said she had a children’s book in her… and now it is being published as well. Here’s a video of Andrea talking about God is Light and the story behind it, and it includes a screen capture of me making the coloring book pages which are included as a free bonus in the book:

What Story Do You Have in You?

I believe you have a story in you—one the world needs to hear. What’s in the way of you getting it out there? Is it fear of being rejected, is it not knowing how to keep up the work, is it the overwhelming task? I’ve been in all those places and more. Creating is not easy, especially if your desire is to craft a bold, clear, and impactful message. But there may not be a more satisfying feeling as you push past everything that is attempting to stop you—and put your story into the world.

We are separated from the rest of God’s creation, in that we are like Him. Andrea’s book says, “Light creates life, Light makes things new, Light is beautiful, powerful, and true. God is Light!” We must do our part of reflecting God, by also creating life.

God is Light by Andrea Joy Moede, Illustrated by Kimberly Kau

Your story—whether it’s shared in a book, or to the person on the park bench—creates life. Draw out the gold in your testimony, take the time to refine it, and let it reflect God’s light in your life to inspire the world around you. Get out there and tell your story.

God is Light—Releasing Easter Weekend

Andrea and Kimberly’s book is releasing this weekend. To celebrate they are making the Kindle ebook FREE starting Good Friday and going through Easter Sunday. You can also enter to win a bundle of children’s books and a signed copy of God is Light (details below). Show support by sharing this article, sharing the giveaway, or purchasing a copy of God is Light by clicking HERE.


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