God is Love

God is Love

February 25, 2020 Bible Faith Gospel Inspiration and Encouragement Knowing God 3


The Lord is love. His kindness is beyond our understanding.

I spent so many years thinking I would never be able to measure up to some sort of “churchy” ideal, thinking of that as a picture of what God wanted me to be. I was pretty far from it in our very small conservative church. My parents were divorced. I was extremely shy. I saw a lot of reasons I was disqualified. I also saw myself as rejected by the world outside of the church. Things got better as I got older but I was really just coping. Even taking medication for social anxiety to deal with going to work every day.

Then I met the person of the Holy Spirit and through Him I was reintroduced to Father God. The one who loves us so much that He GAVE. He didn’t hold back. He was moved with compassion and moved to action. He was not willing to let us perish in our fatal mistake. When everything seemed completely lost, all hope, any chance of a future, any possibility of restoration slipping from reach, God did not choose to turn His back on us. He IS love. His kindness is beyond our understanding.

Jesus suffered more than we can comprehend to pay the ransom on our lives. He LOVES us. He LOVES me. And my friend, whoever you are, He LOVES YOU. Beyond whatever you have done or felt or said or thought. And it just keeps getting better. He will set you free. Free from yourself. Free from others. Free from sin. You name it. He beat it. He is Lord and He has conquered sin, death, Hell and the grave.

I have been set free from things I never thought possible in this life- fear of man/social anxiety, habitual sin, just to name a few. Our daughter has been healed of multiple symptoms of autism. Obviously I’m not saying we come to God to get these lesser things- we come because He is EVERYTHING. He is the source of all life. He is the lover of my soul. But in the process He leads us into truth as we study His word and ask Him for wisdom AND apply it to our lives. If you have never given Him yourself and received His payment for your sin, you can do it right now. Let today be the day you are made new. You will never be the same.

How can I pray for you today? Send John or myself a personal email or reply with a comment if we can encourage you in any way or walk with you on your personal journey with Jesus.

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John 3:16, 2 Timothy 1:10, Ephesians 3:19, Joshua 1:8


3 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Grace says:

    So wonderful Trinna. It is so incredible to see and hear all the Holy Spirit has done in and through you. Love y’all so much and your Endless dedication in pursuing His heart and will♥️??

  2. Molly Mathis says:

    This is beautiful! Love you bro!

  3. Matti Rannik says:

    Psalm 66:16, Matthew 10:32, 1 Peter 3:15

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