Discover How to
Hear God Speak

(Anyone Can Get Direction from God in these Simple & Biblical Ways)

I asked for feedback on my message about hearing God speak.
Here’s what people are saying…

“I was encouraged to get alone with God more after listening to this. I liked the specific tips and tried and true approaches to hearing Him for yourself. I was reminded of how personal He is and that this time needs to be the most important in my day. I’d recommend this for the real insight from someone who is living the message!”

Andrea Moede
Writer, Coach, Speaker

“This was from God for me to hear. I’ve found it’s important to spend time with God and listen. The entire message was beneficial. I think it’s a critical part of our walk with Christ and it was a very powerful message!!”

Judah Duncan
JAD Regulatory Consulting Inc.

“Since listening to this teaching about hearing God’s voice I’ve thought a lot more about how God speaks to us and whether or not he speaks to us outside of just through reading the Bible. I specifically liked the practical part at the end about spending time with God and listening to him. I was encouraged to spend time listening to God and encouraged to realize that he wants to speak to us and be that intimately involved with us. I’ve already recommended this message to a friend that’s interested in hearing from God. Love what you’re doing!”

Vickie Mathis
Houston, TX

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Every person can hear God speak, but not everyone knows how.

Many people don’t have a clue about their life’s purpose or direction for the next step. They’re sure there’s more to life and they’re made to do something—but what? We know God has the answer, but often feel like we can’t get it from Him.

I remember desperately wanting to know God’s will, and the frustration in trying to listen for Him to speak, not to mention the lack of confidence in what I would hear. But I’ve learned He speaks in many ways and desires we hear Him. He fulfills my every need and directs my path to a more purposeful life. That’s why I recorded this teaching.

I want to share the practical steps I’ve learned so you can develop your listening skills with God.

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