Finding God Manuscript

Thank you so much for your help! Again, here’s those questions to consider while reading the book. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to it helping make this book better! The link is below. Keep in mind the formatting (fonts and layout) is still being worked on, so try not to let that that throw you off. Let me know if you have any troubles reading it. I can change the format, font size, document type (if you want it in Word instead) and all that.

Questions about the General Feel/Tone of the Work:

  1. What is your very first thought upon reading the first paragraph?

  2. What made you want to keep reading?

  3. Were there any parts that made you want to stop reading?

  4. Did you enjoy the book overall?

  5. What did you think of the ending?

Questions about the Goal of the Book:

  1. Did this book fit in with other non-fiction genres you’ve read or heard of? If so, which genre, and any books you felt it was similar to?

  2. What did you think the goal/purpose of the book was?  

  3. Do you think it achieves the goal/purpose?

  4. What could help it to reach this goal/purpose (even) better?

Questions about the Arrangement/Order of Ideas:

  1. What do you think about the way this book is arranged?

  2. Were any sections particularly good? Why do you think that is?

  3. What were your least favorite sections? What did you dislike about them?

  4. Were any sections unclear or confusing? What could I do to make them better?

Questions about Who this Book is For:

  1. Who do you think this book was written for?

  2. What kind of person would most enjoy this book (even if you don’t think it was written for them)?

  3. Was the book personally useful to you? Can you think of people it would be useful to?

  4. Would you recommend this book to a friend or contact?

Finding God PDF Manuscript Linked Here