I’m here to help you…

find God

Our hearts are desperately searching for home. Where we belong though isn’t found in a physical location, but with the living God. Some know Him. Others know of Him. Many don’t know what they’re missing. Wherever you are in that spectrum, I want to encourage you deeper. True life is found in God.

find healing

People are experiencing pain every day, impacting not only physical bodies, but also thinking and emotions. Healing comes from a surprising place though—each other. My hope is for this to be a place of vulnerability and encouragement. Where we experience healing through one another.

find yourself

Most feel unfulfilled and don’t know the purpose God created them for. My goal is to help people see themselves through His eyes. God made each of us with a plan in mind, and that includes you. I want to give you practical steps to finding your calling and experiencing a fulfilling life of adventure with God.

Have you ever asked…

Many people are asking if God is good, why does He allow the atrocities we see in the world. My book, God is Here: Finding God in the Pain of a Broken World, answers these questions from a Biblical perspective.

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Every person can hear God speak, but not everyone knows how.

Learn practical steps to hear God!

I asked for some feedback on my mesage about hearing God speak. Here’s what some people are saying…

“I was encouraged to get alone with God more after listening to this. I liked the specific tips and tried and true approaches to hearing Him for yourself. I was reminded of how personal He is and that this time needs to be the most important in my day. I’d recommend this for the real insight from someone who is living the message!

Andrea Moede
Writer, Coach, & Speaker thefullnessthereof.com
Montgomery, TX

“This was from God for me to hear. I’ve found it’s important to spend time with God and listen. The entire message was beneficial. I think it’s a critical part of our walk with Christ and it was a very powerful message!!”

Judah Duncan
JAD REGulatory Consulting inc.
The Woodlands, TX

“Since listening to this teaching about hearing God’s voice I’ve thought a lot more about how God speaks to us and whether or not he speaks to us outside of just through reading the Bible. I specifically liked the practical part at the end about spending time with God and listening to him. I was encouraged to spend time listening to God and encouraged to realize that he wants to speak to us and be that intimately involved with us. I’ve already recommended this message to a friend that’s interested in hearing from God. Love what you’re doing!”

Vickie Mathis
Houston, TX

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I want to hear your story!

Hi, my name is John W. Nichols. I’m just one guy who was radically changed for Jesus over 15 years ago. He interrupted my downward spiral and rescued me. Ever since I have been fascinated by God and daily seek to know Him more and more—personally.

But I’m just one guy. You are the “you” in God and you and me. You have your own story with God. As you know Him and walk with Him, you impact the world in positive ways. I want to hear your story. You’re why I am doing this!

So let me know:

If you have a question.

Any feedback.

What God has been up to in your life.

Please feel free to contact me and I will respond ASAP. I look forward to hearing from you!